Hello and welcome to my on-line home…

Have a good look around, stay as long as you wish and hopefully you’ll get a good feel for what is available and how I am able to help you, with emphasis on the “feel”.

All too often we ‘go into our heads’ to make decisions and choices at the expense of ignoring our intuitive felt sense about something.

And whilst practicalities such as affordability, convenience and location are rightfully amongst the factors in many decisions, you are urged to consider these together with your feelings and intuition. This is because it is often your intuition – your ‘inner tutor’ as I like to call it – that is actually the truest reflection of whether or not something is right or good, timely or appropriate for you at any given juncture.

The suite of services, events, free resources, newsletters, recommendations, initiatives and products have been thoughtfully put together in order to help you in your quest to feel good, perform better and live well, regardless of your position, needs, age, gender, aims, beliefs, culture, challenges or successes.

The essence of these services is to educate, enlighten, guide and teach in the philosophy, art, science and practice of how to create and maintain a state of happiness, success, wellbeing and balance with one eye on honouring your truth and living an authentic life. More about the essence…

I hope we have cause to connect at some point in the not too distant future…

Yours in anticipation, Richard

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