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Regardless of your question, request or query, don’t hesitate to drop me an email – I respond to every one that requires a reply and in the quickest possible time given my travelling and speaking commitments. If you do require a reply, please make sure the domain ‘richardmoat.com’ is declared as ‘allowed’ within any spam software you use – not doing so has proved to be the number one reason why replies are not received. While you are here you might like to consider registering for my free email information & news service, which is designed to keep you informed of developments and anything that may be of interest, use or value to you. I myself am not a fan of face-less, endless emails promoting this and advocating that, so you won’t have that experience if you sign up for any of these free services. Much thought and care goes into everything I send out and I want you to be at the very least pleased – hopefully delighted - with your decision to subscribe.I look forward to being of service in some way. Best wishes, Richard You can get in touch with me directly and personally on:

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